Friday, 1 October 2010


Brutal Truth

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Earache Records have re-released Brutal Truth's mighty 1994 album Need To Control, along with bonus tracks including a hilarious and WTF-inducing Pink Floyd cover! This is a great album - opening cut "Collapse" takes a turn toward the industrial, then is followed by the frenetic and blasting "Black Door Mine". It's hardcore punk taken to it's logical conclusion, played with metal chops but not wasting any time showing off their (frankly awesome) technical ability. Continuing the industrial theme, "Ironlung" is a sampled apocalyptic soundscape (either that or a bong-rip slowed right down!). Throw in a Germs cover ("Media Blitz") and some crushing doom ("Ordinary Madness") for good measure, and you have a grind record that is constantly taking by you surprise, but unexpected leftfield craziness is all part of Brutal Truth's M.O. This one is essential for any fans of grindcore, or just good, experimental metal in general.